Chairborne Machinery Liaoning Co., Ltd.
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Basic Information

Company Name: Chairborne Machinery Liaoning Co., Ltd.

Business Type:

Location: Fushun Province Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Pacific Industrial City Plan

Main Products: A metal tray, a de SC-I de SC-II de SC-III, a metal tray, a metal tray de SC-IV metal tray, a metal tray, a de SC-V de SC-VI metal tray

Company Overview

Liaoning chuangde Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales in one of the modern high-tech manufacturing enterprises. Over the years, the company has been committed to production and research and development in logistics transportation equipment, has developed a series of four generation metal tray de SC. Company R & D and production of metal tray, fills a major gap in domestic metal tray. Especially SC-III and SC-IV type light metal pallet has applied for national patent, and is a pioneering product in China, great convenience of domestic logistics and transport industry application. Years of development, the company has gradually become mature, to become well-known enterprises in the industry, become the metal pallet design production expert. Company metal pallet is composed entirely of company technology department after mechanical design strict, reasonable, the maximum extent to ensure the bearing capacity and reduce the weight of the pallet itself, so customers can use the lowest cost to the most appropriate use of metal plate.