Dalian Golden Radar Technology Co., LTD
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Basic Information

Company Name: Dalian Golden Radar Technology Co., LTD

Business Type: Manufacturer

Location: 7th floor, No. 911 of Huangpu Road, Dalian High Technology Industrial Park

Main Products: Portable Explosives and Drugs Detector

Company Overview

Dalian Golden Radar Technology Co., LTD engages mainly in explosives, biological and chemical warfareagents, drugs, precursor chemicals, POHC and development & research in rapid determination of trace technology and relevant products. The company applied for many patents, new practical patents and software copyright in a full scope involving high-resolution ion mobility drift tube techniques, arrayed mobility drift tube techniques, sampling techniques, pattern recognition. It has gained many important results in key techniques development and possessed complete and independent intellectual property right. Till now the company has developed many IMS instruments of IONRADAR series and product performance specifications have reached advancedinternational level.