Danlian Dasen Numerical Control Co.,Ltd.
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Basic Information

Company Name: Danlian Dasen Numerical Control Co.,Ltd.

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Location: 大连市高新技术产业园区七贤岭火炬路49号

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Company Overview

Danlian Dasen Numerical Control Co.,Ltd. was established in 1995, is a high-tech private enterprise, mainly engaged in CNC technology and product research, development, production and sales, for the CNC machine tool manufacturers in the high-grade digital and electrical products and the corresponding solutionprograms, product performance reached international advanced level, is one of the major suppliers of the numerical control system market in China, China's domestic only way to compete with companies around the world, high-end CNC manufacturing enterprises. The company is located in Dalian High-tech Industrial Park Qixianling Torch Road 49, covers an area of 58,625 square meters. Plant, R & D center and office building construction area of 20,000 square meters, there are two projects are being planned. In 2004, the company's sales of 158 million yuan in the domestic high-grade digital products in the market share of more than 20%.

Dasen each year not less than 10% of the sales of funds to R & D, and insist on open cooperation on the basis of independent development, and is now a group of world-class enterprise and Japan, the United States and other countries with a wide range of technology and market cooperation. 

Dasen Numerical Control products by virtue of its superior product quality, low selling price and perfect after-sales service system, making the big forest companies, not only broke the monopoly of foreign products on the market of China's mid-range numerical control system products, but also occupy a larger market share, and has formed the three pillars of the form. 

From Eighth to Ninth Five-Year Plan, the development of CNC machine tools has been the country has invested heavily in a major key technology projects until "15", the focus position remains unchanged. Omori company on its own strength has been recognized by industry experts and take up research and development tasks in high-grade CNC system development and reliability technology research "and other four sub-topics, which is the state of NC research project" numerical control key technologies and equipment industry supporting technologies and the use of "under the sub-topics. 

Relying on this approach to development of the internationalization of product development, globalization of the device procurement, production, scale of operation ","Dasen Numerical Control"embarked on a track of healthy development.