Fuxin city donglin hydraulic machinery co., LTD
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Basic Information

Company Name: Fuxin city donglin hydraulic machinery co., LTD

Business Type:

Location: Taiping district taiping street, number three

Main Products: Hydraulic machinery

Company Overview

Fuxin city donglin hydraulic machinery co., LTD is located in the famous "coal city" of "agate" fuxin city, liaoning province. Donglin company through more than ten years, gradually have a batch of high quality, high stability and technical personnel and management personnel, at present, the company existing staff of 52 people, including research and development personnel 12 people, accounting for 23% of the staff, college degree or above in 17 people, accounting for 32% of the staff, management staff of 15 people, accounting for 26% of the staff, technical workers 28 people, accounting for 53% of the staff, our company has the advantages of colleges and universities, experts, joint development and has developed a number of patented products, the products adopt international standards, complete specifications, beautiful shape, reasonable price, timely delivery, performance has reached the international advanced level, by the broad masses of the user's consistent high praise. Donglin companies rely on strong technical force, advanced production equipment and perfect quality detection means, in the aspect of product development and manufacturing of the products can be tailored for the customer need and personalized after-sales services and value-added services. Today, donglin companies adhering to the "innovative, pragmatic, efficient, win-win" business philosophy, to form a multi-level and comprehensive strategic partnership with customers, and in the future development of the Chinese communist party and excellent quality, create the brilliancy together! Scope of business: hydraulic cylinder type: HSG * cylinder, Y - 01 engineering HG1 (YG) metallurgy cylinder, CD250 CD350 CG250 CG350 heavy metallurgical oil cylinder, oil cylinder, YGC DG vehicle, YGB tie rod hydraulic cylinder, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, piston, hydraulic cylinder for woodworking machines, hydraulic cylinder, corrosion resistant special non-standard hydraulic cylinders and large diameter, long stroke hydraulic oil cylinder, cylinder diameter from 40 to 1000 mm, travel up to 4000 mm. Cylinder classes: QGA, QGB, QGA Ⅱ, QGB Ⅱ, JB series cylinder, LTA square oscillating cylinder series and special non-standard cylinders, etc. From 10 - ф ф 700 mm diameter class: a total of more than 50 specifications of hydraulic system is applied to various fields, such as product packaging, food processing with hydraulic station of the hydraulic pressure station and hydraulic press and die casting machine with hydraulic station, vehicle with hydraulic station, hydraulic station, air cooled packing machine with hydraulic station and according to user requirements to create all kinds of standard and non-standard hydraulic station. Can separate design and production of hydraulic integrated block (circuit block) and the hydraulic valve group. Hydraulic press classes: single arm (single column), hydraulic press, four-column type hydraulic press, press, cooking for vitality, dry tofu hydraulic press hydraulic oil pump, such as CB series, a series of CB - B series, joined CBJ series, the series of CBF - E, CBT - series, the series of CBF - E, F CBT - F series, the series of CBF -f, CB - FC series, CBQL - F series gear pump. YB, YB1, YBX, YBN, PV2R series vane pump. Areas of application: our main products are widely used in large heavy mining, metallurgy, forging, casting, transportation engineering, hydraulic machinery, food processing machinery, machine tools, civil engineering, engineering machinery, chemical machinery, medical machinery, plastic machinery, automatic assembly line, die-casting machine, new energy equipment, food packing, light industry, machinery industry, etc. Free to provide design drawings, technical advice, can measure to the user's site, the design of hydraulic equipment and equipment maintenance.