Fuxin everbright die-casting machine parts manufac
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Basic Information

Company Name: Fuxin everbright die-casting machine parts manufac

Business Type:

Location: China liaoning fuxin city economic and technological development zone road 12 in

Main Products: Die casting machine

Company Overview

Fuxin everbright die-casting machine parts manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 2005, its predecessor was the first domestic specialized is engaged in the die casting machine parts distribution company - fuxin die-casting factory machine tool products distribution services. Since it was founded in the early 1990 s has developed from an obscure dealer become has more than 60 employees, 40 sets of equipment, fixed assets of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan. I company specializing in the production of Switzerland, Italy, Japan's Toshiba Della aluminum machine, Oriental, ube, Taiwan, Hong Kong force strength and the secret, sanki, new CBC, all sorts of model such as old mound pressure die casting machine accessories. Main products are: injection room (melting cup, cup, material cylinder, feeding trough), gate set, punch, pin shaft, shaft sleeve, rafah, injection rod, connecting rod, punch), clamping cylinder, piston rod, injection cylinder, etc., including injection room for my fist products of the company, the quality of the products in the domestic leading level. My company's main product is injection room, are all made of fushun special steel co., LTD., H13 electroslag forging furnace H13 steel performance is much higher than normal. In processed products at the same time inner hole grinding without a knife, a complete, all kinds of tolerance control within the scope of the drawing requirements completely, can fully meet the requirements of the drawings. Products with less deformation wear resistance, long service life, etc. We are processing the largest injection room are: Ø 340 * 1100 * 150.15 Ø, Ø Ø 334 * 1075 * 140, Ø Ø 300 * 1275 * 150. The company since its establishment always adhere to the "honest casting quality, quality win market" business philosophy