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Basic Information

Company Name: Hans-Gronhi Graphic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Location: 辽宁省营口市新联大街136号

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Company Overview

Hans-Gronhi Graphic Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the banks of the Liaohe River, near the shore of the Bohai Sea. The company is registered in Liaoning(Yingkou) Coastal Industry Base, which is well-known as the origin of offset presses in China. Our company has more than thirty years of production experience since the first small offset press was designed and produced. We are the leading manufacturer in the Chinese Offset Printing Industry, our products have been exported to many different countries and regions such as Italy, U.K., Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, U.S.A., South Africa, Algeria, Indonesia, Russia etc. Key products are becoming a recognized brand with the Hans Gronhi trademark representing quality and value. We are a company combined with advanced science and technology in the Liaoning Province.


In 2010, the sales of Hans- Gronhi soared to first place in the Chinese sheet-fed multicolor offset field; our sales volume of four-color offset ranks first place, general sales was listed in third place, general benefits index ranks Hans Gronhi second place on the National offset Industry Ranking List.


We regard “Build classic Hans-Gronhi with perfect quality, establish Hans-Gronhi service brand with sincere integrity, realize Hans-Gronhi sustainable and healthy development with prudent rationalities, devote to boom National Printing Industry with broad mind” as our corporate philosophy. Our company is striving to be the most influential integrated supplier in the quick printing field with unremitting effort. Our products are of specific interest to medium and small sized printing companies and printing shops. Our company is focusing on the integration of commercial and quick production equipment in prepress, press and post press.  Our aim is to design and provide a digital workflow solution with high efficiency, low cost and customized requirements.


Hans-Gronhi has engaged in providing customers complete quick printing solutions, our core products are the GH series of commercial multicolor presses, such as, the GH664, GH564, GH524, GH474 etc, YK series of single color presses the YK5200, YK1800, YK9600 etc.


The company has a provincial Tech Development Center, which has established a computer assistant design system (CAD) and internal network system, implemented ERP modernized management system and excellence at site 6S management, the company has passed ISO9001, ISO2000 Quality System Certification and ISO14001 Certificate of Conformity of Environmental Management System, products also have received CE certification.


Hans-Gronhi has over 130 sales companies covering the whole nation, our company has set up 110 after sales service centers, which offer a green, quick service channel in 24 hours and 7 days each week.


"Hans" refers to "the Chinese Nation",  "Gronhi" refer to " the Crown of China". This is the combination of technology and capitals, mechanism and optoelectronics, which declare that Hans-Gronhi will strive for highter target of the National Printing Industry!