Jinan Huashinuo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Basic Information

Company Name: Jinan Huashinuo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Location: No. 5, Machinery Industry Park, Huihe Town, Jiyang County, Jinan, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Main Products: hoists lift table

Company Overview

Jinan Huashinuo CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd is a company which is the leading manufacturers of scissors lift tables. Which is used for logistics, warehouse, factory and construction.as the biggest producer in making aerial work platform, cylinder hydraulic aerial work platform, boom lift and dock leveler,We have experience for over 20 years and gained conciderable experience and have developed the design.

With our long experience in scissors lift supply we can understand your needs as well as the particular demands of your application. This means that we can supply a lift table constructed to meet your requirements in both the long and the short term. A lager part of our production is custom design tables suited for a particular working situation.
Knowing the methods of working will constantly develop,we try to build in as much flexibility as possible into the lift design. There is an advantage in not having to change the lift table when the working practice changes.
At our engineering department the lifts are designed and developed using modern computer technology. With this facility we can easily make individual custom designs.
Reliability and personal safety
Another advantage of the our lift is attention to personal safety. The lift tables are logically built,easy to operate and designed and equipped with various safty safety features to minimise the risk of personal injury.
Examples of the safety details are the downward trip frame mounted all around the underside of the platform which stops the downward movement when touched. House rupture valves fitted into each hydraulic cylinder prevents uncontrolled decent in case of failure in the hydraulic circuit. All sheer ponts have been designed to have sufficient clearance to eliminate any risk of entrapment.