Jinzhou Fala Capacitance Co., Ltd.
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Basic Information

Company Name: Jinzhou Fala Capacitance Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer

Location: No. 27-32, Haihe Street, Taihe District, Jinzhou, LIaoning, China

Main Products: Farah capacitance

Company Overview

I factory is specializing in the production of domestic farah capacitor, super capacitor high and new technology enterprise, integrating research, development, production and sales, after years of market exploration, research and now has a very strong economic strength, the current farah capacitor, super capacitor products has been exported to international markets at home and abroad.

This factory since 1999 series super capacitors, farad capacitor products, specializing in the production of super capacitor of high-tech enterprises in China. Main research and development personnel from during the period of "15" bear the national ministry of science and technology 863 program, the electric car major projects "the electric car with super capacitor" project. After many years study of national key projects, combined with the actual needs of domestic and foreign markets, has developed production type winding 2.5 V / 2.7 V series, a series of combination of 5.0 V / 5.5 V, 5.5 V series laminated type, as well as the large capacity 10 V, V, 20 to 50 V, 100 V, 200 V, 300 V, 400 V series farad capacitor module, module series products and so on. Super capacitor capacity more than one hundred specifications, product performance indicators reached the level of the same period both at home and abroad.