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Basic Information

Company Name: MORIKAWA

Business Type: Manufacturer

Location: Dalian City Zhongshan Road 147 Xigang Senmao Building 9F

Main Products: Deodorizing equipment

Company Overview

The origin of Morikawa is a casting company with a history that now spans more than half a century
Morikawa' 5 environmental protection devices are not superficial measures that simply improve the visual environment, but are true countermeasures for
protection ofthe global environment. Our environmental technologies have an extensive record of deliveries in Japan, and have won numerous awards for
their effectiveness. ln the Asian region, where environmental measures are especially urgent, there are virtually no other products on the same or a similar level
to Morikawa' s.
With Morikawa' 5 deodorizing equipment, the odor-emitting process is analyzed using the results of odor component measurements, the optimum absorbent
liquid developed by Morikawa is selected based on data from past results, and the components that cause bad odors are absorbed and removed by gas-liquid
contact. We provide "Smart Odor Countermeasures" using a combination of our M Series of deodorizers and the absorbent liquid Super Shoot-all, which was
also developed by Morikawa