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Basic Information

Company Name: Suizhou Yidu Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer

Location: Suizhou city traffic road No. 438 Hubei province

Main Products: stuffing food production line

Company Overview

Suizhou City YIDU Food Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited is specialized in food machinery, high and new, sharp, hard to technology research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, all products have independent intellectual property ( patents), Yidu NC stuffing food production line ( five lines syncretic ) is all the company with three years of time, invest millions of dollars with the successful development of the international leading level of the modern food factory of new technology and equipment. All CNC high-speed dumpling production line is the Yidu NC stuffing food production line ( five lines syncretic ) second important applications, it is for the successful development of quick-frozen dumpling production enterprises greatly improve production efficiency, improve the quality of dumpling, significantly lower production costs, to form the core of competitiveness has very important significance.
The company has a long history of Yidu stuffing food production line manufacturing experience, and endless research and development, so that we can develop unique stuffing forming technology, and can design and manufacture the world first-class high-quality multifunctional stuffing food production line. All the company's strong technical force, not only in the quality of products, but also demonstrates the ability to solve technical problems, mechanism, sensor, actuator, software and other aspects of technology and innovation. The idea of a unique and innovative solutions is all the company not exhaust motivation. All CNC high-speed dumpling production line is a long bag filling machine, rounding machine, intelligent arranging machine assembly. Remove the rounding machine, the stuffing machine cutting head for making flowers cutter can produce cookies, bun, such as openings laughter. Using a variety of accessories can make the products more extensive use, cooking food material is quite wide. Whether the entire production line, or a single machine, as well as key refined structural design have great originality, Yidu CNC high-speed dumpling production line is be worthy of the name of the world's first.
Contact with food dumplings production line and appearance can see place are stainless steel manufacturing, convenient cleaning, very health. All CNC high-speed dumpling production line for superior performance, advanced structure, ingenious design from a long and arduous development process; in 1995the company started to research the bull Yidu stuffing forming, to 1997the world's first three filling production line preliminary development success, in 1998successfully developed the activity impression cake forming machine, from the beginning of 1999Yidu companies invest a lot of material and financial resources, research and development, studies involving the stuffing food production lines with various aspects: height automatic control, intelligent, processing technology and standardization, affiliated functional diversification, durability. In 2001successfully developed to make filling production line multifunctional core technology: vertical rotary cake forming machine (including vertical rotary cakes rounding machine ). In 2002 successfully developed a world-class CNC stuffing food production line (five lines in one ), it features a powerful, high productivity, perfect structure, changing products, digital operation, a sensation throughout the industry. We hope that the stuffing has high speed, we performed extensive research, for a single packet stuffing, maximum speed can reach 150/ min, exceed this number increases, mechanical vibration, noise and improve the filling quality, also declined. For this purpose we want to get high yield, only a head is not enough, we must develop the bull stuffing. We have done lots of research and experiment, found four head with there is nothing comparable to this advantage, head number continues to increase, the yield also increased, but not increased in proportion, that is to say each head output has declined, so we can not do too much head number. In practice, the four head is currently the best bull forming methods, not only production, convenient operation, accurate weight, convenient cleaning and maintenance, extended function adaptability.