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Basic Information

Company Name: Xinxiang Jiahua Machinery Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Business Service

Location: No. 62, Zhanqian Road, Fengquan District, Xinxiang, Henan, China (Mainland)

Main Products: hot inserts

Company Overview

XINXIANG JIAHUA  MACHINERY Co.,Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing stainless steel wire thread insert(Free-running type and Self-locking  type) and its according instal tools, and various types of ST taps and M taps. Our products are spreaded over the world and received guests’trust and support. In recent years, we concentrate ourselves on manufacturing military and scientific research products. Till now, the advantages of these products has been fully recognized by our guests.

    Wire thread insert is a new threaded fastener and also is a new technology of repairing and strengthening the internal thread. It is classified into the normal type and the lock type. It is usually used to increase the connecting intension, improve the connecting condition, and it’s also abrasion-proof, anti-rust, anti-loose and so on. It’s a helix coil that produced with high-intension, high-precision cold-strip diamond stainless steel, and it’s a cocentric circle of internal high precision and external thread.

     By right of its unreplacable characteristics, Wire thread insert is the most effective, economic and convenient thchnology of repairing and strengthening internal thread. Therefore, it is fully spreaded in the developed countries although it’s still in the flushing period in China.

    We always believe in the philosophy of “quality the lifeline, guests the tutor ”. We strictly supervise every working procedure, like the materials, the manufacturing processes, the inspection and the after-sale service    according to the standards of ISO9001-2008, GJB119.1A-4A-1996, HB6200-6202-89. And we obtain advanced and     high-precision exploring instruments which inspect the products strictly, and try to pursue the perfect.

     In recent years, facing the competitive market, our company successfully introduce the most advanced automatic manufacturing line with the characteristics of stable quality, high output and convenient usage. We always keep pursuing the developments and inheriting the technical experiences in order to keep pace with the changing society. Every staff in our company tries to fulfill their dream within the limited period of time.