Zhejiang BC&TV Technology Co., Ltd.
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Basic Information

Company Name: Zhejiang BC&TV Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Type:

Location: Building 16, Xidoumen Technological Industrial Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (

Main Products: Bi-directional Outdoor Optical Receiver

Company Overview

Zhejiang BC&TV Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specialized in providing digital TV headend, optical equipment, CATV network equipment, digital/analog TV meters, and Ethernet equipment for clients from all over the world.

Our company was founded by 7 companies and was chosen as the reform demonstration base authorized by Zhejiang Provincial Government.

We boast a regular staff of 120 members, among whom more than 80 graduated from university with one senior engineer, 15 senior engineers and 40 medium-grade professional title holders.

We offer optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical platform, optical workstation, EDFA, FTTH Node, CATV amplifier, agile QAM modulator, DS3 adopter, TS multiplexer, digital matrix switcher, digital/analog TV meter, 98/84chs PAL channel signal generator, and 110chs NTSC signal generator media converter.

Our company has enough capitals that keep going forward on the road of development firmly.

We are your trustworthy supplier for a long-term partnership.